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Unhappy i ruin peoples lives

I just broke up with my boyfriendof two months, we were extremly close, both loved eachother and it was the hardest break up of my life.
i broke up with him for many reasons,
i cant handle being in a relationship, espessialy one where someone depends on me a lot. he told me all the time how i'm the only good thing in his life and how he cant lvie withhout me, i cant be responsible for his life when i cant even handle my own shitty one. he was controlling [coming from good intentions though] and much more sensitive and clingy than i thought. i started cutting again and i dont know why, and i feel like i have to love myself, before loving anyone eles.

we were both crying on the phone. he was pleading for me not to do this, and then kept saying it was his fault, he'll change he'll change, i told him it wasnt, he told me he cant deal with this, at the end of the convo he said he'll see me in a few weeks, then he called me back 10 minutes later and asked if i was ok and to make sure i wasnt going to hurt myself [ i did, he doesnt know that] then he called back again demanding a reason why, i could nt give him one, i just cant say that to him, he hung up. this morning he called again and pleaded me to tell him the reason, kept saying it was his foult, i told him it was me, my problems, he wantyed more, but i couldnt,

this is so hard, i love him but i cant do this relationship, and its going to be so hard to see him at school today especially if he keeps asking me.

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