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Originally Posted by donkeymkong View Post
Most doctors don't even ask if you want your baby circumcised, they just do it. So if we could change that, circumcision would not be the norm, it would be the exception.
Here i don`t agree,doctors were not asking before 10 and more years.At this time especially at last 5-6 year,(mostly after 9/11) they ask almost always.
For your lucky,it`s now about 33 % routine newborn circumcised,as I heard always with parents approve.
I think that would be better abolish advertising for and against circumcision,and leave it strictly to parents to decide.At this time we have too much informations of world health organisations pro /cons circumcision,maybe if we remove insurance for circumcision,will solve the problem.

If I find a girl who likes little, thin, and soft. What would I do to Her.
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