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Originally Posted by iangillan View Post
Yes, you`re absolutely right,but what we can.Male circumcision is much older tradition,deeply rooted in some religions,Maybe that is why has found fertile ground in Western culture.Female circumcision,at this time ,mostly performs in African tribes.I don`t know for any modern country that perform female circumcision.On other side male circumcision has nothing to do with the law.It is strongly parents decision.
How to find a way to change people's thinking.How to change people` habits.

If we could equalize the law for female and male infant circumcision,then we went against
first ammandment.It will be against religious rights for Muslims & Jews,(I mean in circumcision).
I think that this would solve that problem - make it illegal to circumcise babies except for religious reasons. Most doctors don't even ask if you want your baby circumcised, they just do it. So if we could change that, circumcision would not be the norm, it would be the exception.

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