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No war is fought when niether side thinks they hold the advantage (at least not intelligent war). So, if both sides have nukes, and could completely wipe each other out, it would, in effect, cancel out. Niether side would use a nuke for fear of retaliation with a nuke. It (the war) would be done with footsoldiers, aircraft, ships (if possible), and all the regular old goodies. In that situation, an enemy can make up for lack of numbers with good strategy, so those that have high numbers/faith in their military strategists will be willing to fight. A nuke takes no numbers, no skill, and will only be used in the event another nuke is used, as it is "perfect" balance in retaliation. No one wants that, they want a war they can win, not one where everyone dies.

So, suprisingly, the next war, although it may be fought with mechanoids, shield generators, plasma weapons, and the like, won't have a MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) flavor to it. The goal of war isn't to tie. It's to win.

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