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Default Re: Yellow stuff coming out of penis,...

Originally Posted by themask70 View Post
Ok, well, you need to go to the doctors. I think you have a big infection in your urethra (sp?) which is the tube that runs down the middle of your penis which carries the sperm/urine. You seriously do need to go and see a doctor urgently as having yellow puss coming out of the end of your penis is not a good sign.

I wouldn't encourage you to try and squeeze the puss out of your penis, just try to clear up the stuff that does come out. DON'T try and put anisthetic anywhere near it because this would probably do more harm then good.

My overall diagnosis is 1) An infection in the urethra (sp? again) or 2) You have some kind of abcess (a wart of puss where the skin had ripped away) somewhere in your urinal system.

Hope you get better, and remember, don't be embarrased to go and see the doctor, you need to now before it gets worse.

Definetely go see your doctor. Sounds like a really bad infection.
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