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Default Re: I'm Getting Circumsized...

Yeah, it isn't... But just for the record, I know some girls irl that won't have sex with circumsized guys. They think it's gross that there isn't any skin around the glans... I only have one friend who is circumsized, so I wager that Canada must be more uncircumsized.. This could also be the reason that these said girls don't like circumsized penis'.. They aren't used to them.

Apparently, circumsized penis' are less sensitive as they're always getting friction with clothing and are overall always bare to the world. Apparently it takes longer to get off a circumsized guy, so I don't know.. Thay may be a good thing... But, I don't know, some uncircumsized guys can hold it just as long.

Really, it doesn't matter. I wash every day, so I haven't noticed any unsanitary problems.

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