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I worked out regularly for about 3 months starting in like September... I only noticed my chest muscles got bigger, my biceps got curvier and a bit bigger and I started getting a slight sign of a six pack.. It wasn't that big of a change though...

At my prime I was benching 110lbs(not bad considering I weigh 130-134lbs), curling around 50 and I was doing around 200 with my legs...

Muscles don't do a whole lot in a fight... Unless you're a huge size, the muscles are mainly for intimidation.. They don't help with your swing at all. I punched just as hard in the summer as I did in December when I gave up.

Btw, if you can't do a full motion of the rep with the weight, it's not doing you any good at all.. The most resistance is at the lowest part of your rep... That's when you'll feel your amino acid build up which will increase muscle mass.

So if you're just going half way up on some reps it's not doing you any good to use that weight.

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