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Default Re: ** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE **

Originally Posted by donkeymkong View Post
You're right, I do use strong language for something I believe to be so violating to newborns. If people want to be cut, that's fine, but it should be illegal to do so to a person who can not give his consent. I say that infant circumcision should be stopped, and the decision left to the individual later in life once they understand what is actually happening to them.
Now,I totally agree with you.I agree that circumcision should be personal decision.But we live in world where circumcision is couple thousand years old tradition and directly connected with some religions.We do not have a power to change peoples mind and of course can not connect religion with democratic-opinion. In USA,circumcision is strictly parents decision and we only can blame our parents,not the system or circumcision as tradition.I think that It is difficult to eradicate so old tradition.

I don`t understand you wrong,I`m sure that you can not change my opinion.
But some people here find from your posts that their parents are barbarian and their religion was barbaric.Maybe it was not your intention but it sounds like that.
I`m glad that have opponent like you,just please look at some words that can insult some other people.

If I find a girl who likes little, thin, and soft. What would I do to Her.

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