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Originally Posted by donkeymkong View Post
I wasn't trying to be an opponent, I was simply trying to see what his reasoning was. Some people don't know that circumcision does have negative effects, though weather those negatives outweigh the good is up for debate (you, of course, know my opinion on this topic). I was simply trying to see if he did know about the negative side of the coin as well.
In this case I Agree with you,but some people can not see negative effect of circumcision,they don`t think,that they loose something (me,first).On the other side,(sorry for honesty) ,you often use words that insult some people for example fools,cutting dick,barbarian,mutilation etc..This kind of words directly offends people who are circumcised for religious reason.Maybe you can not understand this,but believe me,I talking from my experience.I grew up in multicultural area and i know what I talking.
I totally understand that you do not agree with circumcision,and of course,it`s will be nice that you understand that many people like being cut.
I personally will never agree with you ,because I like very much being cut and all of my partners like that. Of course,that was just my personal opinion.

Please don`t get me wrong.
Best Regards

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