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Default Re: Public schools make children into dumb slaves.

I'm from a Louisiana school, and I turned out fairly intelligent. I'd say it's more a willingness-to-learn issue rather than an issue of teacher/student ratio. Our culture seems to discourage many people from taking their education to the next level (no, I'm not talking about college, I'm talking about stepping up one's education in general). I remember how weird it was to look around my highschool and realize that some of my fellow students would never graduate. Now in college, only about a third of the people that apply ever earn their degree (4 year university, of course, so bachelor's). I'd say there's an education crisis, but from lack of available facilities. Our culture glorifies those who made it to the top without education: Singers, actors, the odd inventor (Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, anyone?), etc. Short of more-constriciting laws, this will not change. Even with more teachers, willingness to go to school won't see a huge increase. It will help a little, sure, but when culture is what you're up against, bet on culture.

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