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Originally Posted by Lieg View Post
My mother is what you could call neutral she doesn't get involved with anything. And I know I came here for support but you don't even know me. Why do you care? Why do you care about all these people? You don't know them and you can't know what they've been through event with the most vivid descriptions. Event with a video you can't feel there pain, you can't feel the depression, anger, fear, hatred that others do. The feeling of fear when that person comes home and you wonder what new method of inflicting pain or whatever they do is, or if this will be the day when they take mercy and kill. You don't know it so why? Why do it?
People don't need to feel to understand!! Thats what makes this site different, we all have had different experiences, and we all share them.. this site is really cool if you need help, or just moral support, or just someone to tell you "you rock"! Here in VT people is united, and always support each other. Here you'll never see threads where everyone's flamming one person with no actual reason. Just look around, read old threads (don't bring them back) and you'll see that everyone's always nice!! There's some people tho, who don't always understand, and they will just say "Idiot, you shouldn't cut because of this" or "Idiot, you can't do anything about your dad!!" We might not know you, but we don't really need to! Many people have come here to ask questions, share stories, make suggestions, play, and have a nice time!! Even if its a depression thread I love to read them and try to help people on whatever they need! I'm sure many people on VT love doing so too, but I can just speak for myself in this case!!
Just stay bright, always smile (smiling its a good way to change your feelings if you feel bad... smiling will just brighten your day like never before, just do it for no reason and you will definately have a nice day!!) remember that someday all this chaos will finish and you will be happy, with someone you love, or care about!!
Keep it up!!


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