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Double post, but it's a completely different topic from the last post, so it's somewhat justifiable. On the topic of global warming, plenty could be done, but we're not willing to make the sacrifices. So, in accordance with human nature, it won't be done. We'll take small steps, to convince ourselves that something is being done where it really isn't, instead. A 10% reduction in emissions is a good example, as it sounds like so much to so many people, but is actually akin to throwing a dime at a bulldozer to stop it. Hey, don't get me wrong, the bulldozer is slowed down by the inertial weight of one whole dime, though!

On the bright side, this likely won't be the end of humanity, so sit back and react accordinly to whatever comes your way. It's how we fulfill our predictable destiny -- no need to break the system.

Let me give you the following scenario:

The small percentage of the Earth that reads this post knows that we will just carry on, like we always do, but the majority of the Earth's population does not, therefore, being somewhat predictable cannot be averted.

Humanity as a whole makes some small step to quell global warming (emissions reduction, anyone?), but it contiunues anyway.

Global warming reaches a height, but isn't as apocalyptic as many people (Gore) predicted (hey, everyone needs a way to get attention, a cause to stand for). Many people die from various climate effects, but the world isn't unliveable. We'd have to do much worse . . .

We adapt accordingly to whatever the circumstances require and move on.

Here's how it is. We are unlikely to make massive global changes as we haven't already. Just go with it.

Anyone want to question me?

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-- Gideon, Babylon 5
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