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Unhappy Yellow stuff coming out of penis,...

2 Days ago, I realized that my penis was kind of sore...I thought it was just from waking up with a boner. When I was taking a shower that day I was peeing and it started to burn a little bit, and i felt the pain come back from this morning, or around there. (Btw, I am uncut) Anyways, there was this yellow liquid coming out... (NO, IT WAS NOT PEE.) after the shower I checked again and it was there.

Sometimes it comes out abit chunky, and sometimes comes out white/yellowish.

YES, it does sting sometimes. I try to squeeze it all out, but more comes... I have no idea what this is. It also has a bad smell to it, kind of like pus...when you pop a zit.

Can someone please help me, I'm scared I can't go to the doctors for aweek. So I decided to come here and ask around.

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