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First of all, HI EVERYONE, I'M BACK! College got the better of me for a long time, then Christmas, then registration for next semester, and now I'm back. Anyway, with a more in-depth post to follow, I'd like to say something to the post above.

I do not believe people are born with homosexual tendecies. I believe it's a product of life experiences, but there is no way to prove either side. Guess I'm just giving you a quick counter-point, and also one that suggests that it can be changed. I'm not intolerant in the least as a Christian. I have had friends spanning many beliefs, which is why I'm aware of some of the differences between various belief systems. So, while I do consider homosexuality to be a sin (and that may hurt some feelings), I have no intention of running out and telling every gay person on earth they are going to hell. Because it doesn't have to be true. It's not a requisite that you be hetero to get into heaven. I daresay you could even have a gay Christian. Acts of homosexuality count as a sin in the Bible, but it is only one sin, and as such, it is wholly possible that I commit more sins every day than any homosexual out there. There is a part of the Bible (I can't recall the book or verse) that tells us nothing can take us from the hand of God. So, no matter who you are, or what you do (there is only one exception ever listed, but it's not homosexuality), once a Christian, always a Christian. Some people are just very bad Christians, eh?

Hmmmmmmm, that might offend some of you as well, but look at it this way, if you fully accept the Lord wholeheartedly, you get into heaven. Christians, as most people define them, strive to follow the Word as closely as they can, which they should, but it does not mean there aren't other Christians out there.

Now, who here would like to try putting some words in my mouth and criticizing my actions based on a religion they don't count themselves as part of?

Plato once said there was a perfect form of everything -- a perfect dog, a perfect chair, a perfect man -- and that everything was a shadow of this one perfect form. Now, if we follow this line of thinking, that means that somewhere in the universe there is the perfect form of the perfect, absolute and complete idiot, and he left here an hour ago.

-- Gideon, Babylon 5
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