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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by Tiberius View Post
You're a fool. I have a couple friends who got cut between 3-5 years ago and both say the exact same thing that I say. There is no loss in sensation.
Don't call someone a fool when you are actually the one who doesn't know what you are talking about. It could take even more time than 3-5 years. Circumcised people usually have between 10- 12 before they actually use their penis for pleasure, so they wouldn't know the difference. There's a simple test. If you're uncut, take a ruler and slap the head of your dick with it. Cut people can do that with little to no pain. Uncut people on the other hand, have a MUCH more sensitive head and this would hurt them like CRAZY. Need any more evidence? Try jacking off with someone of the opposite status and compare how sensitive.

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