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Default What do i do.....

theres this girl at my school her names leanne, we found out we liked each other through my friend amanda, well her other friend jessie and i started talkin and we got really into each other n leanne told me she just wanted to be friends, well me n jessie kinda broke away from each other n now leanne's really regretting telling me that cuz she wants to be more than friends which i do too, but shes like pure as in never done anything, she told me she wants me to be her 1st kiss but i dont know if shes just saying that cuz shes confused or what, but im scared to date her becuz ive fingered n ate out a girl b4 and the girli dated after that i wanted to do it with her but i only fingered her, but ANYWAYS back on topic, if i date leanne i know im gonna wanna finger her maybe more and i know she doesnt wanna go that far so what do i do? i need some help from both guys n girls so everyone feel free to post

and if it makes any difference im 16 yah thanks everyone who helps
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