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Default Re: will power vs. drugs

Originally Posted by guitarro View Post
a lot of people believe that will power is the line between recreational use and addiction. this is not true, clinically addiction is a disease, and will power is affective only until a certain point. controlled use like "a drink once a week" is dangerous too. If you consistently do controlled using, you will eventually be using more and more, for if you don't get mentally addicted you physically will. you can only tell yourself "no" for so long, because addiction is emotionally wanting to use often, and eventually your will power will in fact have no power. This of coarse can either happen fast or over a long period of time. just like any other disease, like lung cancer, takes time. you cant will away cancer.
See.. There arent many people who actualy BELIVE in themselves and people who are capable of 'programming' their sub-consious.. But in reality mostly ppl who actualy belive in themselves and have strong will power wont do drugs

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