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x-men ( the whole series), Taken, The Fox and Hound, I am number four, Avatar, Resident Evil 1-4, Harry Potter Series (of course the books are better), Scream 1-4, Freddy vs Jason, Nightmare on Elm Street (the old ones and the new one is decent) Friday the 13th,Percy Jackson, Halloween, Prom Night (series), Spiderman series, quarantine, Blair Witch 1 ....not so much 2, Paranormal Activity 1-2, Scary Movie 1-4, Superman movies, Dark Knight, District 9, Inception, 300, The prestige, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Exorcist, 28 Days later, Trick 'r Treat, Zombieland, Butterfly Affect, Transoformers, Darkness Falls, Stephen King based movies goes on and on really I am just to lazy to list haha.
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