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Default Re: The war in Iraq.

Originally Posted by Whisper View Post
thats not why he went in
and if England had refused then you'd be breaking NATO
And youd make a very powerful enemy because like it or not all of north america and its allies were behind america after 9-11 it took YEARS before things changed

Canada has had a few troops in iraq because of an agreement we have with the United States
but for the most part we just sent allot of troops, tanks, choppers, cargo planes, artilery cannons etc.... into afganistan inorder to free up more american troops for iraq

We've spent close to 30 billion on new equipment for our troops
some of it we wont see till like 2012 erugh
but were there
were helping
and they like us (afgan citizens)

same thing will happen in iraq if we stay
if we leave hatred will grow in a whole new generation

and 9-11 will seem like horse play
and it will be our fault cause we left to soon

this is already the SECOND time we've had to go back

i say we finnish it

in Iraq and Afganistan

i totally agree as much as its costing our goverment and not to mention the people dying over there we need to wait until they can set up a stable goverment and once that happens then we can gradually leave until they can fill in with there people.
but it needed to be done or we would still be having more 911's and also everyone over there that was suffering!
I just want to know WHY? everyones against the war??
please tell me?
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