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Default Re: So, What kind of problems did you have when your wisdom teeth came in?

I dont think ive had any problems with my jaw locking...have you talked to your dentist?

Ive had quite a lot of problems with my throat and my glands being swollen, the doctors thinks its to do with my wisdom teeth (i cant decide whether they just tell me that because they cant afford to give out any medication for it or because it actually is because of my wisdom teeth LOL). He said its because of the bacteria that can collect around it.

My gums and around where the teeth are coming through also get really sore kind of goes through phases. Sometimes (for example, now) theyre fine, i dont feel anything. But next week or the week after they could get really sore.

Anyway, maybe you could talk to your dentist to double check everything is growing in as it should be Apart from that, i guess its just a waiting game.

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