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Originally Posted by Hyper View Post
If.. I see that filthy, unworthy, disgusting game again on a monitor I will gather back all of the RC that didnt retire or didnt get consumed by WoW, and then we shall punish Blizzard

And its not realy good it is evil! WC3 and TFT well their better but still made by Blizzard so yeah their also rigged. And the 15$ had to be payed in advance of 6 months? Or was it 3 I dont remember but the point is it is a evil game that destroyed made clear that Blizzard no longer made games for the right cause. And robbed all hope from me from seeing a good game made and a game made not for money but for love of the game

Long live the {RC}
Do you have any idea at all how much it would cost Blizzard to run an online only game with over 6 million users world wide? ROFL
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