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Default My Poem To Marie

As posted in my diary...

It's 4am on this Monday morning,
Another sleepless night without any warning.
The things that were done, the things that were said,
Make it so you won't get out of my head.

I try to put it behind me, and try to move on,
Because those feelings you had for me, are now lost and gone.
I've been told to move forward, and not look in the past,
And all things that make you happy, never last.

Don't ask me why, just call me crazy,
Ever since the night, the night that was so hazy.
I felt something there during our first hours,
While hiding from security that night in the towers.

You told me I was different, I seemed too nice to be true,
I turned out to be unlike the guys who just used you.
I told you to trust me, and gave you my word,
I was always there for you, and you were never second or third.

Somewhere along the line, your feelings diminished,
But somehow I felt that we were not finished.
I tried to help you out, to make your day brighter,
Then I see you kiss another firefighter.

I told myself okay, its not like we are dating,
So I held on, and just kept waiting.
Perhaps for a sign that you might emit,
That sooner or later you could commit.

But the days kept passing, and the guys multiplied,
No longer needing me to keep you occupied.
I told you I would always be there for you, don't you worry,
But when you saw another guy, you went off in a hurry.

But then you realized, the guys only hurt you in the end,
Making you realize that I was there as your true friend.
But more guys kept coming along, and you said this one is nice,
Going against my judgment, you seemed to pay the price.

You hated being guys options, but in the end what was I,
People saw me as your option, which you can imply.
You told me I wasn’t, to which my feelings were restored,
But then I saw you only came to me when you were bored.

I gave you what I could, tried to be the nice guy,
When people would hurt you, I would be your ally.
But all I asked for in return, was a little respect,
A thank you, a please, none which you reflect.

On more than one occasion, I would tell you how I feel,
Thinking that what I said could make our feelings heal.
But the next day, it is as if you forgot what I said,
Because the next day, off with another boy you fled.

So it came down to this, it is either that or me,
And you know I would always respect you, that’s a guarantee.
But somehow you wanted both, which I could not have go on,
So from this friendship, I have withdrawn.

All I wanted was respect, is that too much to ask,
But unfortunately for me, that is an impossible task.
When you learn to respect me, for what I have done,
Then you will see our friendship has only begun.

That moment seems to distant, if even visible at all,
And my chances of being with you are very small.
So I have to move on, I can't be stuck in the past,
Even though the times we had together were a blast.

It doesn't have to be like this, it is still not in stone,
But even asking you again, this is what you have shown.
I have said it before and I will say it again,
I will always be here for you, just tell me when.

A shoulder to cry on, a person to rely to, I am there to hold your hand,
Im always here for you, that you must understand.
Whatever your choice is, I want what makes you smile,
Even if it is not me, I am sure you will find someone worthwhile.

The Years Have Been Short, But The Days Go Slowly By.
~The Shins
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