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Default My dad.

I was adopted I don't know my real parents but my dad said my mother was a drug addict and didn't want me. In elementary I was diagnosed with ADHD and Bi Polar. My dad started ignoring me he never talked to me, hugged me, kissed me, etc. In my early days of Middle School I realized that I was different and event a freak. I grew less active and stopped caring about alot of things. My dad started focusing his aggression at me. He started yelling at me just for walking by him or getting a glass of water, and whenever we got into a argument he would hit me. My grades in 5th Where As and Bs, 6th Bs and Cs, 7th Ds and Es, 8th grade I hit an all time low I stopped everything I did nothing I was depressed almost all the time. Then I tried to kill myself, my best friend and only real friend was there though and my attempt failed. I started using drugs that year and though I made a few friends since then nothings changed. I just sort of drifted along since then, at the bottom of society barely passing. I've just sort of been taking my dads abuse I cant do anything about it, I'm not physically or mentally strong I've never been. And recently I've been thinking about suicide but then I'd just be caving in to him and I don't want to do that. I'd prove him and all my old teachers right. So really I don't know what I should do.
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