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Default Re: an Untitled story by my friend Catie and I

After dinner, Ham went to his room while I went to the bathroom. It was time for a real shower now. I stripped and stepped into the steaming showing, sighing as the water hit my body. I found it rather strange how that when someone experiences everything I had, a mere shower felt like a luxury. I made it last as long as I could, but decided to get out when I felt like a raisin.
Once I was dressed and towel drying my hair, someone knocked on the door.
“Yeah?” I replied.
“It’s me,” Ham’s voice said from outside the door, “Can I come in?”
“Sure,” I told him, unlocking the door. He came in a just kinda stood there, looking as awkward as all hell. Finally, I spoke.
“You know, you’re allowed to sit down,” I said playfully. He smiled meekly, but continued to stay standing, his hands clenched into nervous fists inside his pockets.
“Sheesh, Ham, are you alright?” I asked, “You’re not hurt, are you?”
“What? No, I’m not hurt. Ro-ever since I met you, I well, I knew you were very talented, and-” he trailed off. The pressing silence was terrible, and nothing could hide my blushing
“-and I like that. I mean-I like you. A lot,” he finished. By this time, we were both blushing furiously, and I had no clue what to say. Did I like him? Yeah. Yeah, I guess I did. I mean, I hadn’t given it much thought (I didn’t have time!)
“Oh-oh, God,” I said, almost without meaning to. His face fell and he looked crushed for a moment before I spoke up again.
“No, no, no! I do you like, too. But Ham, think of how weird that would be. I would really like to-no, I’d love to, but not while Iris and the others are missing and everything. Maybe after we sort this all out,” I said.
“Yeah. Yeah, ok, I get it,” he replied, turning to leave, still disappointed.
He turned and I gave him a quick kiss. It was kinda one of those, “Omigod-what-am-I-doing?!” moments, but you know what? It wasn’t that bad. After I pulled away, he looked kind of shocked, but thrilled. Before I knew it, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me again, longer this time.
And I didn’t mind in the least.
That is, until Butch came walking in.
“What are you guys doing?” he asked, a bit of horror playing along the edges of his voice. Ham and I pushed each other away as though we had just found out the other had received the plague.
“Nothing!” we said simultaneously.
“You guys were kissing!” Butch accused, ignoring what we had just said, “Ew, that’s gross! I’m gonna go tell Shamus.”
“NO!” I cried. While Shamus and I were not one the level of Hatred anymore, I still didn’t want him to know. The level of awkwardness would be unbearable.
“Listen Butch, we’re gonna keep this a secret,” Ham started. His face was flushed with more than embarrassment. Butch eyed Ham up, silently thinking whether it would be more fun to have a secret with someone older, or spoil it.
“Alright, I guess. Can I have that action figure you have?” Butch asked. That little blackmailing kid!
“Yeah, that’s fine, here I’ll go get it with you,” Ham replied, eager to get out of my room.
Once he was gone, I closed the door and lay down on my bed, a smile gracing my face.

Note: When we finished writing this and I read Ro’s journal… I couldn’t eat for a week after reading that entry. Poor Ham, eh?
Sorry, just kidding.
“You do what they say, your friends have a slight possibility of dying. But don’t we all?” Other Magnetic Kid began, his voice cool and silvery. “But you run right into Vollmer’s turf, you die and your friends definitely die too.” His eyes bore into my school and must have performed laser surgery on my brain, because I was beginning to deny whether I was doing the right thing.
“What…,” I whispered mindlessly, then regained some consciousness. “What’s your name, first of all?”
“Everyone here calls me Gary,” he remarked with a hint of distaste in his answer. Judging by names like “Giggles”, “Fin”, and “Ham” that one could be stuck with, I didn’t see the point of his annoyance.
“Cool?” I said as conversation filler.
“No, it’s not,” he snapped back. “I am such a slow runner. They call me Gary like Spongebob’s snail,” Gary muttered. He levitated the drawer handle into his hand. “The goal is to keep this in the air. I will drop it at random moments and it’s up to your quick thinking to not let it hit the ground. It hits the ground, you owe me ten push-ups. Kapeesh?”
Er, push-ups? “That’s ridiculous!” I protested.
“My way or the highway,” Gary clichéd me harshly, and the handle floated up towards the ceiling and circulated the room. I watched it, preparing for it to fall.
When it did, I wasn’t quite ready. It happened so suddenly. I stretched the muscle in my mind a little too late before kling, it hit the ground. Gary stared at me sternly. Push-up time. Something in his gaze made me not want to argue, so I did them quick and vaulted on my feet.
“Go,” I said,” and Gary glanced at the handle, making it leap into the air. I could tell the way it was moving Gary had no magnetic hold on it, so I took control and moved it up and down, away from me and towards me, in circles. Then I let it fall. Guess what? Gary wasn’t ready. The look on his face as it hit the ground was like his appendix had just cut a hole out of his body, wearing a hula skirt, and flew away.
“Okay, ten push-ups,” I said.

A little while later, another knock came on my door. Sighing and half hoping it was Ham, I opened it, but to my surprise, no one was there. I closed it again and turned. Standing behind me was a figure in a long, navy blue cloak. The one who had said that dinner was served. She lowered her hood and for a second, I stood there, stunned. This woman was beautiful. I mean, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty beautiful. The thing was, she didn’t make me feel bad or anything, because as beautiful as she was-I don’t know. It’s hard to explain.
“Rowena Circe,” she began, her voice light and ethereal, “I believe you and I have the same power. I am here to teach you what I know.”
“Oh-ok,” I replied, my tension waning.
“I see that you are staring at my beauty. Be warned, this is not my true form. But beauty, like anger and revenge, can be beneficial to the way one fights. This is something you must learn, Rowena,” she replied, “my name is Kaylan, and I am going to teach you for the next couple of days. There are others here who can help with your flight, and there are those who will help your friends. To start, I would like you to create an image of yourself. A living, breathing image of yourself.”
“Won’t that be too much?” I asked tentatively. She shook her head and motioned for me to continue. I shook my head, not wanting to take it too far, like I had before. It looked like I didn’t have much of a choice. I closed my eyes and began working on it, like a sculptor. When I finished, Kaylan looked displeased.
“Rowena, I asked for an image of yourself. Not how you see yourself,” she said in her light, airy voice. I raised an eyebrow.
“What’s the difference?” I asked.
“You have to see past your true self. You are a teenager, and teenage girls especially pick out and magnify only the imperfections in yourself. To heighten your power, you must first see yourself through undistorted eyes. Try again,” she said. I sighed and erased what I had come up with.

Okay, get this: Gary made me meditate. He said I was way too tense and I needed some “Zen-ing up”. Pff, whatever.
“Try to take this seriously,” he scolded as we sat down with our legs folded. He drew out a nail, like one for construction, from his pocket before we began. “I’m going to let go, and with your mind, you’re going to keep it steadily up. Relax, though. And close your eyes and remember to breath, in through your nose, out your mouth.” I already locked in on the nail, my mind ready for action. I think Gary sensed my poised-for-action persona taking over, and he scowled, releasing the nail. It hovered, bobbing slightly.
“Relax…” Gary soothed, and I shut my eyes and tried to breathe. I knew the nail was still up because I hadn’t heard it drop yet. In through my nose… out through my mouth… this sucked.
“Relax…” he repeated himself. And I did relax. He was working my mind again. I concentrated on breathing for the next couple of minutes, before he muttered, “Good.” I opened my eyes. The nail had balanced perfectly on its side, and it had stopped bobbing.
“Gary, do you have mind control?” I blurted out.
“No, not mind control. More like… goading people into common sense. If you were me, you’d be surprised how many people lack it,” he mused, a smirk stealing across his lips. “Now let’s talk about what you’re up against,” he resumed, in a very business-like tone. “Vollmer is not keeping your friends at his H.Q., that’s for sure. He has a prison on the outskirts of the city. That’s about…” he rolled his eyes upward, doing some quick mental calculations, “…six miles away.”
“Whoah,” I said.
“Yes, this place is that big. But you know what? You’re practically on another planet now. It’s estimated to be three times the size of earth. And there are only two cities here. This barren waste of a city, and then there’s Sostratex.”

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