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Default Re: just swapped out my CRT monitor for an LCD


I've been down-graded!

heres the story...

my brothers setup uses two computer screens. One of his is starting to go as mine was...really fuzzy looking
so he orders a nice big 20" wide screen so he will only have to use one monitor for when he goes to college and all...easy to move

so now we get everything set in place and my mom sees that we have an extra CRT monitor in 20"...well she says, "Return the new flat screen you just got and give Dave the extra CRT 20" monitor"

so after some time im not getting that new monitor..they just dont want to spend the money on a new wide screen as well as the great price I got for this flat screen today at just $120

ill return the new LCD tomorrow and now im stuck with another CRT

this isn't fun..........

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