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Default Re: Does penis size matter

Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post

kind of off topic, but im good friends with the best looking girl in my grade, and its kind of weird to hear her say, "i wish my boobs were as big as ____'s" because she has C's and the girl shes comparing to is 200 pounds but has DD's. also, the reason why a good average is about a C-D is because, even if you are skinny, and you have D's or DD's, you boobs aren't going to be shaped well and are going to weigh more and not be as "perky" as like a C. but see, thats why pornstars who have like D's-DD's have implants because it makes their boobs "perky".
Lol going back a bit but i have to disagree with this. Im only about 120 pounds and i have DD's. They are natural but are just as perky as smaller boobs and in my opinion, are shaped perfectly well. I dont know if its just excess hormones or what but at least for me, this statement is not true.

However on the issue of dick size, it depends on the girl and how deep she goes because all vagina's are different shapes and sizes, just like dicks. For every vagina, there is the "perfect penis". But as long as you know how to use your tool, most girls will be happy with what they get. I have had 4' dicks please me better than a 10' one.
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