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Some of you may remember me, i havent been on here for a while, as my life has sorta sorted itself out(apart from my dad dieing) and i havent been motivated to come on here, Howeve i need help with this girl :$ I shall refer to her as Blackadder. I used to go out with her for about 2 years, howeve during that period we didnt even kiss. Now I have been sappish and sent me feelings to her in a letter and an e-mail, under a psudo-name. She knows that I have thought about her literally every moment of every day. Now I think that if i just ask her out again, then she will reject me. I need to get back with her, i am not obsessed BTW, but she is the thing that you can jack off too, and I think the problem with the last realtionship was that i didnt do anything. Help me ask her out, thanks.

Quick post to say thanks for the 23 views but no help. If you view a post, it is common courtesy to say something.


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