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Originally Posted by bord View Post
Sorry kid. I'm gonna burst ur bubble

You can't grow foreskin back. On your penis head is where the foreskin is connected and that is where the doctors cut. That peace of flesh is gone forever and you're not getting it back, sorry buddy stretching it is not gonna do anything either, it's skin. When you stretch it out it just pulls back. So unless you can move to place where it never gets cold, it's not gonna stay.
Stretching is not gonna grow the connecting peace of flesh back.
Sorry kid
again, you must not do very much research do you? Sure, at first it does just stay behind your head, but once it gets longer it stays over your head. Some people do get surgery to tapir their skin a little to make it almost identical to a natural foreskin, but it's not necessary. And that little piece of skin is called a frenulum. It has absolutely nothing to do with circumcision or how a foreskin stays in place

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