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You have got to be shitten me!! Farenheight 9/11 is full of bs and lies and propaganda!! If you wached that and you belive it, you have fallen victum to morons. Does anyone ever see all of the good things in Iraq?? No. Does anyone ever here about water being turned on for a neighborhood or getting electricity to homes in Iraq?? No, because the media sucks ass. If anyone ever sees the real pictures, they would love what we are doing over there. Nothing is being shown. The media shows bad, evil things and everyone crys out. If good pictures and footage are shown, no one cares for some reason. I realy feel sorry for your poor, pathetic, misguided soul.
What are you talking about you guys will need to clean up. What has France done?? NOTHING. What has Canada done?? Absolutly nothing. Because you are weak and pathetic and dont care for anyone else but yourselves. And i dont mean to offend any strait thinking Canadians out there.
Plus, all of your media up there is corupt and led by losers. Turn on Fox new channel for a change and watch the O'reilly Factor.
Calling our troops Fucks are you. Im sorry you feel that way. God bless your pathetic soul.
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