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Default Re: Iraq: What do you want?

Indeed.. The US should stop going around forcing democracy on countries that would actualy be better off with their current form of government.. And damn thats exactly what I would expect from Phantom, even if he was joking ''How cant we kill some ragheads'' I do hope your not one of those Phantom who jokes about other countries and how the US could kick their asses! But thats no the point. The point realy is a huge raid wouldnt help all that much, as in I am unsure that the US and the Iraq would have enough manpower to search every city at the same time. Going to Iraq was realy a mistake.. I haven't been keeping an eye on things but it does seem to be violence has gotten pretty high. And so have the US troop casualties gotten much higher than usual. I do think the US should pull out of Iraq but not in 2 months rather in 2 years. The point realy is to give the Iraqis their own government and by US actualy staying in that country they are giving the terrorists a reason and an oppurtunity to attack their citizens, in this case the soldiers in Iraq. And no I highly doubt the country would turn into a terrorist haven and if you belive that then I suppose you also belive in the easter bunny. Either way things will get worse if the US stay there and send more troops. There is realy no way to fight terrorism except cripple its funding, but every madman who'l collect some money in a few months can still make a small bomb to kill someone, so it seems like an endless fight.

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