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Originally Posted by nwshc
Give one answer to support that he has killed more civilians that terrorist. Just 1 because i think thats a load of bs. Back up your statments. And everything else. How has he taken away our bill of rights?? How is our country going into a decline?? What country do you live in anyways?
Watch farenheight 9/11 watch a news station other then american and you'll see a balling grandmother on her knees praying for america to be struck down for mudering her entire family when one of you missils completly misses its target and levels an entire block. You'll see a father throwing the upper half of his 11yr old boys corpse onto a truck to be burried, his legs gone. You'll see the faces of Canadain familys crying because a trigger happy americna fuck droped a bomb on a training exercise. Liberating a country my ass if you ask me your as bad if not worse the All-quida

And when you do leave its gonna be Canada and other countrys that will have to fix the mess you've created with international aid like the red cross, doctors without boarders, food, help rebuilding homes etc....

I do not have a problem with american civillians but I despise your goverment!!

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