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Originally Posted by The CEO
why the hell do u think bush won thie freakin election, because conservatives were too woried about gay marriage, instead of worrying bout the big picture. The United States economy sucks, u might disagreee, but it's the truth. People are losing jobs every freakin day and there is so many job in other countries it is ridiculous, I know people whos parents have it hard paying there bills because they cant get a job, in DUBYAS AMERICA. So for anyone to be like that we dont have bigger things to worry about, u need to save it. Because having gay people marry doesnt affect our lives in anyway, but when the US dollar sinks for a freakin 5th year in a row, then i think we need to shift our priorities, and worry about the BIG picture.
If you dont like America and what its doing, THEN GET THE HELL OUT!!! Bush is protecting you behind by going to war. If this was didnt take place, other thing like terrorist bombing would have taken place. And for all of you people that use "we went to war for the oil" your full of it. We took out a dictator that was killing people by the thousands or millions or what ever it was, and he was harboring terrorists! We have takin out a big peice of the terrorist network and you people are ungratefull. Shame on you.
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