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Default Re: A dream of a friend.

I agree with you riley; vaginasareeww ;]

but anyways;
this is how it went with me :
Untill like 6th grade i was straight; well; i thought thats how i should be. i wasnt blind to whether or not guys were cute though; in seventh grade i started to become emotionally intouch with guys, not just girls. and in 8th grade [now] i am not attracted to a girls body. doesnt mean that they dont have a nice physice; but im just not.. sexually attracted, i guess.

IDK why i told you that.
there was a point somewhere but i forgot what it was :]

I just feel like for some reason, that I need to catagorize myself into straight, bi, or gay.
Well; if you would have a relationship with a girl if you were inlove,
and you would also have a relationship with a guy and you were in love, then i suppose you are considered bi?
or maybe you have a stronger preference towards guys; you could consider yourself straight.


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