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Default The Mexican Boarder...

This is unbeliveable!!! I forget what the numbers are but there are something like 11 million illigal aliens in the Untited States!! The Mexican boarder is full of holes and no one wants to do anythign about it. Bush cirtainly wont because he probably wouldnt have been prez again with out the Mexican votes! And Mexico has released a dvd on instrustions on how to cross the boarder to the united states. And will Bush do anything about it?? No, not a damn thing. Another thing is these safe haven citys. If a cop sees someone, they cant ask if they are in the united states legally. Even if the person is illigal, they cant arrest them just for that. They have to let them go. Only if they commit a crime are they sent back to mexico, but you know what?? They come right back in. This is an outrage and something needs to be done because Bush wont do a thing about it!
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