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Default Re: "Natural" drugs, specificly pot ARE addicting

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anoother advantage of staying illegal is the government will perfectly measure out gram by gram and tax it to no fucking extent.
It would still come to about the same sort of price I reckon, it would be worth it.

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w/e ever guys im not going to argue anymore,
so you admit your wrong? Good thats sorted then.

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.gov sites are monitored by people that will get fired if they say something wrong, and the information go through several people. I trust that more than sites like errowid that is made by a college kid obviously obsessed with drugs.(why else would you make errowid? and teach people how to make different drugs?) and i didn't mean just stress, i meant to cope with anything in general. such as boredom."be careful with "natural" drugs, remember, your still COPING with a substance."
Haha you still don't get it, .gov sites are monitored by... yeah you guessed it, the government! So the government creates a website, then monitors it themselves, great! There is every chance for bias there, they could make up anything they want and put it on there.
Yet again you talk about the maker being a college kid and showing you how to make drugs, prove this?
The maker of erowid, no matter who it is, obviously wants people to know the truth about drugs, and quite rightly so.

I bet you drink cola, coffee or eat chocolate and things like that. So you are also, coping with a substance
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