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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

When I was 8 i was searching google for a really cute animated picture of a girl kissing a guy, I put in the search bar girl kissing... and the sugestion box came up girl kissing girl, [now i knew what being gay was, but my family is catholic and it waz looked down on so NO ONE talked about it] verry curious i clicked it and found a video of two girls making out, i could not stop starring, i was only 8 but it made me feel different. after I got into 6th grade the feelings just started coming naturally, I had crushes on girls, i loved cuddling next to them during sleep overs and laying on the stomachs, then finally during new years I made out with another girl, all tounge, and I relized it wasnt gonna o away, and i accepted i was bi(:
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