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Default Re: I think there should be a new rule/forum

Originally Posted by Cap'nCrunch View Post
Doesn't it strike you as odd that you are the only one who's having problems with these "drug enthusiasts???" Everybody, except one mod, disagrees with you.

I am a drug enthusiast. I use, and I use reponsibly. If somebody needs help with an addiction, I can certainly help. I have dealth with and prevented addictions with myself in the past, so why couldn't I help other people?
-the fact that you are a drug enthusiast and the fact that you are using controlled drug use will tell an addict who is looking for help a chance to OD, people take information in different ways. For instance maybe a heroin user came to this site and sees that people are using in a controlled manner, then they might think if they do heroin once i week and it wont be that bad. and then they OD. what you just said further proves my point, saying things like that lead people looking for help in the wrong direction. if you guys don't want to help honestly fuck this forum it brings more destruction. regardless of your opinions on drugs, the fact of the matter is that some people are coming here in life or death situations, and even if some negative drug information is bias, hopefully they will be lead down the right path. this is a self help forum, and it comes up on google if you are looking for self help forums. so put urself in someone elses shoes, regardless of you opinion, if ur not in peril someone else might be.
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