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Default Re: "Natural" drugs, specificly pot ARE addicting

w/e ever guys im not going to argue anymore, so far everyone and every site has different information about this shit, so there is no way to argue when the some of the real facts arent really available. the point i was trying to make in this was that any drug, even natural drugs, make you very prone to addiction. and yes it is possible to not snap out of a lsd trip, like i mentioned before, i have a family member in the hospital for never snapping out of the trip. and for people thinking will power can take care of lesser drugs, wait until you have a good reason to use it to cope with something. for people just using pot or just using shrooms to manage their stress instead of harder drugs, you will naturally put the same amount of addictive energy into it to compensate, its called a habit, a natural accuring thing when you do something on a usual basis (a habit takes 1 week to form). By the way thats a scientific fact if someone wants to argue, i don't think a .gov site would be bias on that. there are limitless possibilities in this game, and people don't get addicted on purpose. it just happens. be careful with "natural" drugs, remember, your still coping with a substance.
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