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Default Re: I feel like hurling myself off of a building.

You keep coming here and venting because you feel safe here, and you feel safe letting us know your feelings. Ive never really been to one on one therapy before, so I wouldnt know if it is bad or not. Drugs are stupid, they just mess with your mind, they dont really cure you. Therapy or self-commitment is the best way to cure depression. Try going out for a long walk, and talk to yourself, it really calms me down. I see you live in NC, North Carolina? Im pretty sure its warm out there, so it wouldnt be a problem going for a walk. Trust me, being away from the computer really helps me.

As for cutting/self-abuse...It's just a temporary solution, with annoying after affects. For example burning cuts, or sore bruises. Not really the best thing to do. If your scared of therapy, then commitment is your last option. You need to be commited/motivated to help yourself and overcome depression. Computer doenst help, though im not gonna be a hipocrite.

Anyways, just think about that walking thing.

Good luck
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