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Originally Posted by iangillan View Post
It`s not "cutting half of babies' dick off",it is cutting foreskin (big diference).
But Again it is TRADITION,something like baptism,vaccination,appendectomy...etc.
You Know that foreskin is not like nose,arms,legs.It is something like appendix.
That you say the foreskin is something like the appendix shows that you are ignorant about this whole matter. Yes, you can survive without it, but unlike the appendix it does play a very vital role when it comes to sex.

Originally Posted by iangillan View Post
And Beware when you use BIG WORDS like "cutting half penis,cutting nose...etc",there is no similarity.
You don`t like,being cut, (all respect,your opinion),but remember that about 40% people on the planet are happy being cut,and look out with Big Words ,like Stupid.
While i may have been exaggerating about the arm and nose, they do have some similarities. If you cut off your nose, what would happen? You would live, but you would probably lose some of your sense of smell. Same thing with your foreskin. You live, but you live without much of the sensitivity you would have possessed. And I do not apologize for using strong words like I did. If there was a tribe of people somewhere way out in the middle of no where, and they had a tradition of cutting off three fingers on each hand, and none of them knew what they were missing, wouldn't you use strong language to try and tell them? wouldn't you try to get them to stop doing that so they could use their hands to their full potential? I know would. Same thing with circumcision.

Originally Posted by iangillan View Post
Your circumcision was decision of your parents (I guess),did you tell them that they are stupid,and that they made stupid decision.

Again,I respect you opinion that you don`t like being cut.
But You need to accept my (our) decision that we like being cut.
I can accept that you are happy about being cut (though I can't imagine why), but I feel that those who know nothing about what they are missing need to know about it.

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