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Default heres my story so far, hoping things will get better

Well, heres my story: both of my parents have bipolar and other things im not sure of and had a phsycotic episode at one point or another. when i was 4 me and my mom walked in on my dad dead in my bad, as the result of a suicide, and he had a note sorting out all our financial stuff. Thats when i started going to therapy and such. anyways, my mom along with two of my close uncles have been drug addicts since they were kids. it started with recreational use, and just pretty much jutted to addiction from what i hear. I never really knew how to deal with the shit that was going on around me and just figured it was a usual thing. i got really close to 2 of my uncles, they would always be over doing drugs and shit, and i figured it was normal. they pretty much were my father figures from then on. when i was 10, my mom finally got a boyfriend, and naturally he was druggie scum. when i was 12, i answered the door finding a swat team asking what was going on, and i asked them if i should call my mom because she was out. they were doing a bust on my moms boyfriend in back, and wanted to search the house, luckily my mom was dealing too, and they didn't know that. after i heard they were after him not her, a ton of bricks lifted off my back, and i figured i should go upstairs and call my mom. they thought i was going upstairs to flush the drugs, so that was the first time i got a gun pulled on me, well actually, several guns. that was the end of that relationship, she said all the shit was his. one of her customers freaked out and came to the door later with a empty pizza box, which lightened the mood, cuz it was pretty funny. anyways, i swore to never do drugs because of all this as of then. my mom went on dealing, and at the time she was only doing coke. later on, my mom and uncles discovered crack. my uncles overdosed 1 month apart last year. And i didnt know how to cope, it was like 2 dads dying, again, especially my uncle steve, who grew up with my dad and they were best friends. I always felt like that was the closest to my dad i can get for he has no siblings. thats when i took recreational use of bud to a new level. i then became a addict, couldnt ever sleep with out a sedative after my uncles died. i then became involved with my moms friends, i was now a druggie too.when i was 15 i did my first hit with 2 of my moms friends. I started dealing, right around when my mom stopped, because she couldnt ever get enough money anymore to cop because of crack. I would go through ounces a week to myself, pounds to customers. i never got caught. one day when i went to recop (6 months ago) it turned out to be a burn, (a rip off) the new guy my friend was telling me turned out not to be too nice. after we weighed it out, the guy pulled a stun gun on my friend and then a gun on me. ever since i started dealing i started taking several martial arts, i got free tuition cuz i worked at the dojo(martial arts place). i knew how disarm someone, so i went up really close till the gun was against my chest, while telling the guy i had more money at the house i can give him. i disarmed him, and shot him 4 times in the chest. i helped my friend up, and told him there will be a lot of people he dosnt want after him if he talked about this night. he never talked. ever since then, i always carried a knife or brass knuckles to school, for the reason being, well, if your gonna kill a kid were does he go every day? i then got caught with 2 knives after getting into a fight with a kid, the knife fell out of my pocket during the fight (it really did lol, i tackelled him. I then had to start going to a alternative school, and got a lesser probation(no probation officer. so i could still smoke. finally, my addiction to weed got to a even higher level, and i stopped dealing. i then turned into a heartless addict. 4 of my best friends since 3rd grade, robbed my house, and that told me these people in this game are shit, and i dont want to be shit. these guys were my brothers.i then went to rehab. right before i went to rehab (last october) and straightened my shit out, i burned a guy (ripped him off) i knew was going to jail in a few days on a ounce. ive been clean since 10/10/06 and this shit still has to follow me. last week we went on vacation to florida to visit my grandparents, and i get a call asking me why im not at the house and 2 other people are(my cousins). it was the guy i burned. turns out, he is high ranked in some gang, and he wanted 500 for compensation, (an ounce usually costs 250 from him) i had to tell my mom about this, luckily shes cool because shes been through the game, and we went home asap. now sadly, police were out of the question, if we got this guy in trouble someone else would take his place. When i got home, i gave him the money, and he through me on the ground, and pushed a gun to my head and told me he wanted more money, disrespect with these kind of guys is a big deal. the next day i knew i was gonna get shot, the 800 was a bluff for a hit, you dont ask for money twice. I had to go and call a couple of my old friends who are highrank vl(vice lords) and then again i had to become a dirty fuck and get a piece. i went out to make the drop in my ally, while i had 2 guys with mac10s and 2 with silenced glock 20s hiding behind the garage waiting for my whistle. the guy came with 4 others, he came out of the car with his gun, and shot at me. when i heard the click i jumped to the left while the bullet grazed my shoulder. i pulled my 38 special out of my belt and got him in the shoulder. well i didnt really need to whistle at that point, my 4 guys went and shot up the car that had 4 in it. we went and made the guy i got in the shoulder, call it all off, or we would get his family. he called it off, we then did him in the head. in my back yard, my friend's van had everything you need to clean this situation up. we cleaned up all the blood and shells, and the car along with 5 bodies is now in lake michigan. Since it being new years, i guess the cops figured it was fireworks, and there were a lot going off. im not in trouble and i got away with yet another murder. now, i still have to be partially involved, because you never know if someone is looking for revenge, so i have to sleep with a gun under my pillow again. my house hasn't been a crackhouse for about 9 months now, i haven't smoked since 10/10/06, and shit is finally starting to get back together. Thats my story for now.
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