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Default Just Got Caught...

Well, I was feeling a little horny so I found some porn and started jerking off. After about 10minutes when I was nice and hard(about 6.4" hard ) my mom comes into my room without knocking. This usually doesn't happen. Usually she'll talk to me before she comes in so I have time.. But this time, nope! FUCK.. Learn to knock... She didn't get angry though, and I'm sure she already knew I did, but the sheer embarrassment... I just recently got a new key to the house, so she was giving me a keychain..

I said "Mom, wait!" but she freaking continued into my room and as soon as the door opened I crouched down hopefully hiding my erect penis... The most embarrassing thing was that she continued into my room and put the keychain on my desk. I freaking could've died... Longest 10seconds of my life.

I don't think she saw anything, and I doubt she'll say anything to me about it.. But damn, I was doing so good too.

She was just like "Well, ok, here's a thing for your key..." then left.

Ugh.. Jeeze, as if being a teenager wasn't bad enough.

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