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Default Re: I think there should be a new rule/forum

and addict is addicted to drugs, they like drugs. why are you gonna give them reason to like them more?
Originally Posted by Cap'nCrunch View Post
You're 16 and you think you're helping people with your ridiculously misinformed drug views? I've been doing drugs for a while and I can honestly give information on each drug I've abused. Some of them I regret taking and *some I think are wonderful*.

I don't have a problem with your mission from God to save people from the torment of drugs, but I do have a problem when you over-zealously present this bullshit info.

You're not helping people when you ignore everyone telling you you're wrong.
(i added the stars)things like that can trigger an addict, and im sure there are more posts on this forum promoting the goodness of being high. like the thread about how marijuanna feels, is full of em. When you say anything positive about drugs, gives the addict more of a chance to use again. "Well they are right it does feel great, maybe ill do it in moderation" and that will bring them in and out of using more and less. that is just one case scenerio. and if you think im lying about anything, this has nothing to do with this, that is something else, quit trying to stir shit up.
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