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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

It`s not "cutting half of babies' dick off",it is cutting foreskin (big diference).
But Again it is TRADITION,something like baptism,vaccination,appendectomy...etc.
You Know that foreskin is not like nose,arms,legs.It is something like appendix.

And Beware when you use BIG WORDS like "cutting half penis,cutting nose...etc",there is no similarity.
You don`t like,being cut, (all respect,your opinion),but remember that about 40% people on the planet are happy being cut,and look out with Big Words ,like Stupid.

Your circumcision was decision of your parents (I guess),did you tell them that they are stupid,and that they made stupid decision.

Again,I respect you opinion that you don`t like being cut.
But You need to accept my (our) decision that we like being cut.

If I find a girl who likes little, thin, and soft. What would I do to Her.
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