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(hey it wont let me post in the relationships forum so if someone could move this please that would rock.)

basically i need some advice from someone experienced.
this girl has fancied me for ages. and she loves me and i love her back. so i finally asked her out and she said yes. =]

we've been going out for nearly a month now but havent spent enough time with each other so even though we feel really close we dont feel as though we know each other well enough.

and i love her so much that i kinda want to get in [bed] with her or touch her up, like just do the stuff bf&gfs do. but i dont know if shes ready for that or if she even wants that. but i love this girl so much and i dont know whether i should say that i want sex with her or keep it quiet or just not do anything im kinda confused and unsure as to what i should do......???

advice would be great. thanks. =]
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