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Default Re: Iraq: What do you want?

We can't alienate our selfs anymore than we already have from the global communities. We need to stop trying to to shape global events that do not affect us. There were much more pertinent threats to "homeland security" the time of the Iraq invasion. That doesn't mean we need to turn a blind eye to such atrocities as the genocide in Sudan, there are times in which we as a country need to step up. Some say we went for WMDs, while there may have been some moderate production capability, there were no massive stockpiles and we were in no imminent threat. If we went to liberate, and convert the county to democracy. We can't go around and force democracy on other countries. There are ruthless dictators all around the world, that doesn't mean we can go around overthrowing them as we wish.
Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
How the hell are we getting the shit kicked out of us by some fucking ragheads. FFS we should have finished them off in about 2 months.
Wow, just wow. Ya were not getting the "shit kicked out of us", but we have become bogged down and reduced to the guerrilla warfare that we can't win, and they can't lose. We could be there for a long time to come, because right now we are not fighting a country that you can make a triety with we are fighting a group of people, organized or unorganized, however it may be with every day we stay there they become more determent, and with every death of a us we as a nation lose more and more of our resolve. I fail to see how you could think we would be out of Iraq in 2 months, And once again Phantom, you have reduced yourself to using unintelligent racial slurs that don't prove a point in any way. So ya I do believe we need to pull out, and let history run it's course. Some things were never ment to be. It is the Iraqi's that have the power to change now.

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