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Everything is acid or alkylic. Oranges and apples are acidic. I doubt tobacco is very acidic.

Yes tobacco can be toxic and can kill you in high doses. There is also the same risk with anything from potatos to cannabis. The differene between cannabis and alcohol is, you can reach a toxic dose of alcohol from one bottle of whisky in 5minutes of drinking the whole thing at once, however the body processes cannabis faster than you can smoke or eat neough to die. It's not impossible, but you would have to smoke a huge huge amount to die from cannabis toxicity.

Cosmos go read. Alcohol is more dangerous tjhan cannabis. Nicotene is actually good for your mind, probably better for your mind than cannabis. But for your body it is far more addictive than cannabis. Nicotene has a neuroprotective effect, it can protect your mind. Cannabis has this effect also, but it is vastly unresearch and it also can have adverse effects on the mind.

Unlike the government, i wont lie. ive read the facts from both side of the debate, not recently but over like 2 years. Ive read enough fale and true information and ive seen enough horror stories, ive also experianced in myself and addiction, i know what drugs do to you. Unless you have been in that position you cannot judge.

Saying drugs are bad, without ever trying them, is called prjudice.

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