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Arrow :| commitment scares

okay so my boyfriend freaked me out today.
we were tlaking on msn and he said
"i need to ask you something, could you seem me in your life in 50 years?"

i said "i cant even see myself in ten years."
so he said
"well can you see me in your life in ten years?"
so i didnt reply for a few minutes so he put
so i finally wrote
"i think i love you and i'd love to see what happenes"

the truth is that TOTALLY made me freak.
i mean, i know i love him, he loves me,
but i have commitment problems
i was single for almost 2 years by choice
because i LOVE being single and i have problems with guys treating me bad,
well this guy is too good to me and it scares me i'm not used to it.
so i'm freaked out right now and hes coming over tomorrow and i dont want to act weird but i'm not sure what i should do.

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