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Unhappy what a family.

ok so this is a little late but
the night before new years eve i slept over at my moms hosue because she was out of town and my sis said it would be ok if me and my two friends slept over.
so we hung out in my sisters room all night and at 1am the door goes so lilly [my sister] answers it.
its my brother ryan, he storms in, looking for his beebee gun he left here [it weights and looks exactly the same as a real gun]
he wouldnt talk he was jsut SUPER pissed and was looking everywhere.
my sister finally got what happened out of him.
he got jumped and his ego just had to scare them so him and my sis boyfriend got the beebee gun and drove really fast away [did i mention ryan was piss drunk and so was my sis boyfriend who was driving?]
so my sister worried becuase hes drunk and its my moms car.
they get back and they wouldnt tell us what happened [we found out later they didnt fin the guys] so ryan sits down in lillys room with all of us,
hes rambling cuz hes drunk, he throws his phone, it breaks apart, tehn he takes my phone and throws it at the wall really hard and then i lost it.

he just looks at me with this stupid drunk face and laughs really retarded and loud right to my face so i couldnt hold it in anymore, i fucking slapped him in the face as hard as i could.
he raised his hand to beat the shit out of me but my sister stopped him,.
i ran upstairs and locked my self in teh bathroom and cried.
then i went back downstairs after a while and there was a HUGE hole in my sisters wall from him punching it 5 tiems, a HUGEEEEE chunk missing out of a dresser down there from, him throwing a weight into it and a big hole in the wall in teh living room.
my sister kicked him out. she freaked out, she cant tell my mom [shes gonna see the hole] becuase my mom siad dont ever let him in the house and if he ever punches anything in her house call the cops.
so i cant even talk to anyone that knows ryan because my sister will getin trouvle, i cant tell my dad, my mom or even ,y therapist becuase she already was going to send child serves to my house.
i cant move back to my moms, i already got kicked out fo tehre and i hate living here now because of my brother
this fucking sucks.
this sucks.

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