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Default Re: "Natural" drugs, specificly pot ARE addicting

" However, when used clinically in the 60's, psychatrist Dr Sidney Cohen surveyed a sample of 5000 individuals who had taken LSD twenty-five thousand times. He found and average of 160 psychotic episodes per thousand ingestions (while not under the influence), 150 attempted suicides, and 28 completed suicides. 'Considering the enormous scope of the psychic responses it induces,' he concluded, 'LSD is an astonishingly unsafe drug.'" "Ok ill admit my numbers were off a bit, the information on lsd i got was from word of mouth. those numbers may be off too for lsd is a lot stronger these days. And you are on the right track if you read one of my previous posts i stated "i said in my post that marijuana has no addicting substances in it, i was refferring it to be highly mentally addicting for one, i said put physical in there on accident, so you are right about that one.", I apologize sincerely for presenting some information that was a little off.
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